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In recent years, the financial markets have experienced extreme swings. This historic volatility combined with the limited availability of traditional retirement income sources, such as defined benefit pension plans, has placed a greater responsibility on Americans saving for their future.

With this greater responsibility comes a need for financial solutions that can help provide a new level of protection for retirement savings. Whether your long-term objective is to build a source of guaranteed lifetime income, save for a specific retirement goal, or leave a legacy for your loved ones, we can help by offering annuities with benefits designed to meet your retirement needs.

We believe in the GREEN line. Take a look at the chart below and ask yourself, "Where would I rather have my money?" If you are like our clients, your answer would be, "I want my money in the GREEN line!"

Please click here to view the chart.

Go back 50 years. Would you rather have your money in the RED line, which is the roller coaster stock market, or in the GREEN line where your principal is protected?

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