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Green Line Financial Services, LLC is committed to promoting sound, positive growth oriented financial strategies to its client base throughout the midwest region of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.

Our philosophy is simple.  Never lose our client's principle.  Of course, for most investors and traditional financial advisers, that's far more difficult to do, than it is to say!  At Green Line Financial Services, it's what we do everyday. We promote positive principle wealth protection strategies that grow our clients wealth 100% free of national and international stock market risks.  

Our clients are well insulated from tomorrows disasters, but that's only a part of our story.  Our clients are also educated and well positioned for maximum efficiency with regard to how their money actually works in the real world.  How interest really works.  How fees on our money work, and what our real costs are on those fees when we pay them. How taxes, (necessary in most cases, but not all!), can be managed and paid efficiently, or inefficiently.  How most people actually drive money away by following the everyday "conventional financial wisdom" espoused by Wall Street Advisers and the investment banking monopoly behind them.  There is a reason why the rich and powerful seem to always get more rich, and more powerful while the rest of us seem to struggle from one generation to the next.  It's because, in large part, most of us do what they (the rich and powerful) say, instead of actually doing what they DO!  We teach our clients what the system doesn't want "average" people to know.  How to to create, grow, maintain and transfer wealth.  And how to do it without ever going broke!

Retirement for most of us is about having sufficient income regardless of how long we live.  Income that is tax efficient, indexed for inflation to protect our purchasing power. Income that continues for our spouse after we are gone.  That's actually the easy part, as long as you don't retire broke!

At Green Line Financial Services, we understand the unique financial needs of our clients.  For our clients, it's about income, principle safety and longevity in steady growth. Financial peace of mind, can only occur in retirement when principle and incomes are contractually guaranteed.    After all, what good is IFcome?